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Psiloritis (Ida) - The highest mountain on the island at 2456m. It was sacred to the Greek Titaness Rhea, and on its slopes lies one of the caves, Idaion Antron, in which, according to legend, Zeus grew up. Its summit, Timios Stavros, has the highest topographic prominence in Greece. There’s a lot of hikes to do here. Reaching the summit is a fairly steep 2.5 hour hike that starts at the Migeros plateau, near the village ‘Livadia’. Anogia village is definitely worth a visit for the food, culture and beautiful rough cretan scenery! Pay a visit to the Nida plateau and some of the mitata (shepherd’s huts) along the way.


Youchtas - You don't have to go far to enjoy wild Cretan nature. The anthropomorphic mountain of Yuchtas (Zeus) is just a few kilometres away from the city centre. It is easy to climb and offers endless views and quality time with wild nature. The ascent is not difficult or long. The trail starts outside the village of Arhanes and crosses a small forest with pine trees, cypresses, rocks, and bushes. At the top awaits you the temple of Afentis Christos and amazing views of the island! With a little luck you might come across vultures, eagles, and falcons that call the mountain their home.

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